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Exclusively designed for clinical trial sites       


Headquartered in three European cities, London, Krakow and Dnipro, ASTAPRIME develops premium medical software solutions for medical organisations, clinical trial sites and public and private hospitals participating in clinical research.


Since 2009, ASTAPRIME brings together scientific knowledge gained from working within the world’s leading clinical trial site and innovative thinking to create solutions that help maximise the performance of clinical research organisations around the world.

We recognise that each organisation requires solutions tailor-made to their specific objectives. With this in mind, we develop products exclusively designed for each of our clients. Dedicating ourselves to each project that we do, we aim to deliver intelligent, intuitive and cost-effective solutions that help our clients reach unprecedented level of work optimisation.


Our bespoke software solutions help clinical research organisations achieve the highest work efficiency and deliver the best patient experience.

  • Clinical Trial Management System

  • Site Initiation Visit Management System

  • Appointment Management System

  • Patient Portal

  • Electronic Case Report Form

  • Electronic Informed Consent Form


It is important to us to conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We commit to be open, respectful and honest in what we do. We are passionate about our business and making a difference in the clinical community by maximising the performance of research organisations and improving the quality of patient care. Innovation and growth are of great value to our company as we always strive for expanding horizons by continuous improvement and development of our services.


  • Deliver intelligent, efficient, robust and user-friendly products

  • Help our clients reach the optimum level of operation and business performance

  • Meet the highest standards of patient experience with the use of our products

  • Maintain outstanding quality of our products and services

  • Build strong relationships with our clients around the world

  • Deliver intelligent, efficient, robust and user-friendly products.

  • Help our clients reach the optimum level of operations and business performance.

  • Meet the highest standards of patient experience. 

  • Maintain outstanding quality of our products and services.

  • Educate ourselves and invest in continuous professional development.


We aim to deliver products and services of outstanding quality. From our perspective, this means highly effective software solutions developed within the most secure environment and delivered on time. Prior to the deployment of our solutions, we provide extensive training programs tailor-made to each of our clients.


We pride ourselves on giving the extraordinary customer service. We have the firm intention to constantly improve our products and services and our ultimate promise to our clients is to deliver the most intelligent and innovative solutions. Our international team works in unison to contribute to this commitment.


We offer our clients a comprehensive support programme, providing unlimited 24x7x365 telephone access to assistance from our technical and product experts. Dedicated in-house support team and personal software support managers are available for the major projects. Updates and new product releases are provided to our clients worldwide alongside fast troubleshooting and systematic checks that we perform on all our products.