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Our flagship product – Investigator CTMS™ – is an innovative Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) designed exclusively for clinical trial sites. It helps sites maximise their performance, reduce the work burden of staff, save substantial amount of time and improve patient experience of clinical trials.

Investigator CTMS™ emerged as a result of in-depth analysis of the daily work of the world's leading clinical trial site. Based on industry expertise, we developed the solution that allows clinical trial sites reach the highest potential within clinical trial management, patient management and site's daily performance in real time.


Investigator CTMS™ is a combination of Web-based modules and a mobile application that allow you to control all your clinical trials and manage your patients from pre-screening stage to end of a treatment and follow-up. The system automatically generates individual schedules for all patients participating in all trials and helps you control the daily performance of all onsite and offsite activities.



Maximise site performance, minimise work burden, reduce operating expenses and deliver exceptional patient experience with the help of our all-inclusive Clinical Trial Management System - Investigator CTMS™.



Streamline your workflow and dramatically reduce time spent on planning and execution of trial activities and procedures. Take full control over the site's daily performance with unprecedented opportunities to monitor all daily operations in real time, including patient visits and events happening onsite and offsite.



Manage your clinical trials from the safest and most secure system environment. With over 8,000 tests performed on Investigator CTMS to date, you can rest assured that you get the highest level of operational functionality and system integrity.


Navigate our unique, highly accessible Clinical Trial Management System with ease.

Investigator CTMS intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed to be used by clinical research professionals of all levels of IT experience.




The core of Investigator CTMS is written in Java programming language which is the de facto standard for enterprise applications. The system is designed and built on RESTful services providing the ability to integrate its components to other existing systems and products that may be used by our clients.


Investigator CTMS has Web interface, so can be easily accessed through a Web browser from Mac, Windows or Linux. Web interface also means the system can be accessed from tablet.


Some parts of Investigator CTMS operate as mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, allowing clients to perform a range of activities remotely and without a PC.


Data security

Investigator CTMS operates on Oracle database which ensures the integrity, security and reliability of data storage. Oracle database delivers outstanding levels of efficiency, performance, security and accessibility.




Investigator CTMS only uses stable versions of external libraries. Thousands of unit tests, functional tests and integration tests are performed daily, maintaining impeccable standards of reliability, and providing the highest level of uninterrupted service to our clients.