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Site Initiation Visit (SIV) is paramount to the conduct of a clinical trial whether the trial is commercial, non-commercial or academic, and for any type of intervention.

The Visit aims to assure that the site’s planned operational procedures adhere to the requirements of the study protocol and staff is adequately trained in their specific roles and responsibilities.


Preparing for a Site Initiation Visit involves looking after multiple tasks from booking a meeting room to retrieving regulatory documents and ensuring all trial staff are present during the visit and all required study materials are in place.

Our bespoke Site Initiation Visit Management System MASTERSIV™ was developed as a result of over 15 years of conducting commercial and academic oncological clinical trials.

MASTERSIV™ is a comprehensive questionnaire and checklist with 127 expert questions tailor-made to cover all aspects of a clinical trial to be accounted prior to a study start.



MASTERSIV™ helps clinical trial sites to be best prepared for Site Initiation Visits with the help of all-inclusive secure software solution that allows to store extensive study information at your fingertips.


Over 120 questions, checklists and guidance notes help you cover every step of a clinical trial – from specific study information, informed consent process and patient recruitment strategies to AEs/SAEs monitoring, Investigator Site File, financing, study milestones and more.


On top of that, MASTERSIV™ helps you ensure that all members and all departments of your clinical trial site operate at their maximum capacity and are fully prepared for each trial.


Tens of expert questions are provided to help you manage your staff before the commencement of a trial including instructions to pharmacy, laboratory, doctors and nurses, data managers, CT staff and others.

MASTERSIV™ operates within intuitive user-friendly Web interface making it easily accessible from Mac, Windows or Linux. Web interface also means that the system can be accessed from a tablet. The solution is also available as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices meaning you can enjoy using it on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.


Amongst various helpful features, MASTERSIV™ provides real-time information on the progress with each clinical trial prior to a Site Initiation Visit or start of a trial.


Developed following successful completion of over 320 clinical trials with more than 3700 patients, MASTERSIV™ is an expert Site Initiation Visit Management System that can help you reach the top operating performance prior to your SIVs and start of your clinical trials.


Contact us today to learn more about our innovative Site Initiation Visit Management Solution MASTERSIV™ and how its implementation can help your clinical trial site reach the highest work efficiency.