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Our flagship product – Investigator CTMS™ – is an innovative Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) designed exclusively for clinical trial sites. It helps sites maximise their performance, reduce the work burden of staff, save substantial amount of time and improve patient experience of clinical trials.

Investigator CTMS™ emerged as a result of in-depth analysis of the daily work of the world's leading clinical trial site. Based on industry expertise, we developed the solution that allows clinical trial sites reach the highest potential within clinical trial management, patient management and site's daily performance in real time.

Investigator CTMS™ is a combination of Web-based modules and a mobile application that allow you to control all your clinical trials and manage your patients from pre-screening stage to end of a treatment and follow-up. The system automatically generates individual schedules for all patients participating in all trials and helps you control the daily performance of all onsite and offsite activities.


Site Initiation Visit (SIV) is paramount to the conduct of a clinical trial whether the trial is commercial, non-commercial or academic.

​The visit aims to assure that the site’s planned operational procedures adhere to the requirements of the study protocol and staff is adequately trained in their specific roles and responsibilities.

Our bespoke Site Initiation Visit Management System MASTERSIV™ was developed as a result of over 15 years of conducting commercial and academic oncological clinical trials.

MASTERSIV™ is a comprehensive questionnaire and checklist with 127 expert questions tailor-made to cover all aspects of a clinical trial to be accounted prior to a study start.


Rest assured that your patients never miss their appointment again with the helpful automated text reminders delivered straight to their email or telephone (introverts will love you).

Forecast your workload, optimise your workflow, increase your efficiency and receive excellent support during peak times.

Manage canceled appointments and make necessary amendments instantly and with ease.

Forget about to-do-lists, phone calls and calendars — with our Appointment Management System your schedule is just where it should be — at your fingertips.


Our Patient Portal facilitates effective communcation with your patients helping you improve patient experience and increase patient satisfaction.

  • Resolve patient queries and answer their questions via secure direct channels.

  • Receive helpful feedback from your patients and let them rate services and activities. 

  • Allow patients to enter their own data into the portal and make it easier to track patient progress or modify treatment plans when necessary.

  • Provide personal daily medication reminders via text or email and increase patient adherence to prescription drug plan.


Case Report Forms are at the forefront of clinical trial data collection and contribute to the overall success of clinical trials.

Electronic CRFs are much more effective than traditional, paper-based forms: they reduce data entry time and risk of making errors, eliminate repetitive data entry, help you produce more accurate data and facilitate data analysis.

Our unique electronic CRF design services provide a safe and easy way to collect and manage data in your clinical trials. 

Our eCRFs are designed specifically for your studies in compliance with all requirements of supervisory organisations.


Electronic IC form supports making informed decisions by allowing your patients to review the form at their leisure without rushing or feeling pressure to sign it straight away.

Electronic consenting is convenient due to the eliminated necessity for patients to attend a research site for the purpose of signing the form.


Ultimately, electronic consenting can speed up enrolment process, improve patient engagement and reduce dropout rates.

The forms are designed especially for patients – they are written in a language easy to understand and contain lots of useful information about the trial.